Neil Price Law

"Swimming against the tide"

Strategy, Vision and Aspirations

Neil Price Law offers a different way: excellent commercial advice at sensible prices.

We like a client to feel special. You will not be our only client, but we make you feel as though you are. Whatever your size. Wherever you are.

Neil Price Law is committed to delivering the highest quality commercial advice at prices which ensure the solution we provide is the most value for money in the market place.

Our way of working involves us working closely with our clients. We always like to hear from clients, not just when things go wrong! Our clients have instant access to us which helps our long standing relationships.

We believe that we can offer clients a great service delivered in a personable way.

Our core values include clarity and brevity. We know what the real issues are in a commercial project or dispute. Our clients can now take advantage of that know how and experience.

Neil Price Law uses office technology to minimise traditional law firm overheads. We are non-geographical. We travel to our client's premises when we meet with our clients. We do not employ unnecessary staff and we make effective use of mobile communications and technology and outsourcing of back office functions to best advantage. We can pass on these overhead savings by significantly undercutting the typical hourly rates of competitors. A different way of doing things. Swimming against the tide.